About Capco

Capco Asset Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor providing investment management to high net worth individuals and entities. Capco manages investments for its clients using a single, concentrated philosophy that emphasizes the quality of the business and the quality of the people combined with a disciplined approach to price. Capco’s primary investment vehicle is Capco Partners, Ltd., a limited investment partnership. We also offer investment management through discretionary separate accounts. We encourage all potential clients to review our Statement of Investment Philosophy, in which we discuss our approach at greater length.

Capco Partners, Ltd.

Capco Partners is a Florida limited partnership formed for the purpose of investing capital. The partnership primarily invests in publicly traded securities. It may also short-sell and use modest leverage (up to 10% of the partnership net worth, each). The partnership is offered with two alternative fee structures: (1) a management fee of 1.5% of assets per year, or (2) a pure incentive arrangement of 20% of all gains, with no base fee. It is open to accredited or sophisticated investors; interested potential partners should request copies of our partnership documents.

Capco Partners has somewhat greater flexibility in its investment options, because it may invest in some special situations not available to separate accounts (such as thinly traded stocks), and may use short selling and leverage in modest amounts. However, investment in Capco Partners is subject to a number of limitations imposed by the securities laws and its partnership documents. Nothing in this website constitutes an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, an interest in Capco Partners. Interests in Capco Partners are only available to those who have properly received the private placement documents of Capco Partners.

Separate Accounts

Where Capco Partners is not suitable or desirable, such as for clients who do not meet certain requirements imposed by law or for certain types of accounts (such as IRA’s, which are not currently able to invest in the partnership), separately managed discretionary accounts are also available. These accounts are managed according to the same investment philosophy, but do not short-sell or use leverage and may not participate in certain special situations. Separate account management is offered for a management fee of 1.5% of assets per year through accounts established at Capco’s approved custodian.

Account Sizes

Relationships of five hundred thousand to one million dollars or more are typical. We have a wide range of relationships, which are necessarily guided by individual circumstances and the practical considerations of investment management.

Accountant: Frazier & Deeter
Legal Counsel: Trenam, Kemker, Scharf, Barkin, Frye, O’Neill & Mullis, PA
Custodian: Fidelity Investments